Paw Prints — Write Notepads

"I want to send some snail-mail... what should I buy?"

Posted by Amanda Fleet on

Well, firstly, congratulations on writing something by hand and making the recipient's day! Letter-writing is dying out, and I despair for future historians who may have nothing to look at. So much of what we know about social history comes from written accounts - letters, notes, accounts and so on. It will be a real shame if the world loses that ephemera.

Secondly, let's talk a bit more about what you want to write? Because in the same way you don't want to use a spade to prune a rosebush, what you want to write will dictate (to some degree) what you want to write on.

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Copper Anniversary Edition Pocket Notebooks by Write Notepads & Co

Posted by Stuart Lennon on

Write Notepads & Co used to make superb perfect-bound pocket notebooks. They stopped for a while, and now, they are back. Back with a vengeance. My take on the Copper Anniversary Edition. (Spoiler - they're awesome.)

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