Needing a splash of colour?

by Amanda Fleet

In the UK, we have returned to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). For people like me, who get up when it suits them, that makes very little difference except for remembering to change the clocks that don't change automatically. But the clocks changing heralds the onset of Winter with shorter days and longer nights.

The perfect time to use a brightly coloured notebook!

There are a few at Nero's, ranging from pocket-sized to A5. Let me give you a quick tour. I've tended to pick sunshine colours, given that daylight with me is going to go down to fewer than 7 hours in December, though there are also some bright pinks in the larger sizes.


In the yellow corner, we have Rite-in-The-Rain (perhaps handy, with Winter weather on its way!), the acid-yellow brightness of Berlin notebooks, Word's Adventure Log, Field Notes' Signs of Spring, along with a couple of patterned ones: Word's Harvest, or Digital Mountain.

Occupying the orange corner, we have Candy Corn Fall and Wilder's pocket grid Vol 2.

 B6 Size:

Size is partway between A6 and A5 at 125 x 190mm. All are by Leuchtturm. I love this size - it's big enough, without being too big. You can see all of the B6 here.


Lots more to choose from here. Let's start with all the Rhodia notebooks! Fantastic paper and options in soft-cover, hard-cover, goal-book and simple slim notebook.

Cheap as chips (probably cheaper!) with a bright cover and amazing paper is the Rhodia notebook. Then there's the Web notebook with a hard cover and dot paper or plain paper. Equally bright is the soft-cover version (dot grid). In the Goal-books, there's orange, or tangerine.

There's then the Stalogy half year (which, although technically a planner, the planner stuff is so discreet, you can ignore it entirely and use it as a notebook), Octagon's Answers, a linen-covered hardback in bright pink by Faber Castell, a couple of notebooks by Lamy (in pink or green), and  a gorgeous Clairefontaine Neo Deco (probably my favourite of them all!).

And last, but not least, there's the B5 Stalogy, with a gloriously cheery yellow cover.

 Bring the sunshine to your desk with a bright and cheery notebook. It'll make you feel so much better when the days are short.