Copper Anniversary Edition Pocket Notebooks by Write Notepads & Co

by Stuart Lennon

Let's let them speak for themselves:

"For our 7th year in business, we want to introduce a special edition that marks a point of pride for us as a company. Seven years ago, Chris down in SXSW decided he wants to make the notebook cool again. Today, with the growth of technology and the death of the printed book, notebooks are still a fundamental part of peoples' lives; they are the best way to keep and retain information. 

The Limited Edition for us has always been about doing something different and fun. Since our first one, Lenore, back in 2016, we've tried out new things like boxes, foil, and die-cutting. Sometimes we over complicate it, and sometimes we simplify it, but always we learn something new about ourselves and our customers. 

With this Limited Edition, we want to celebrate all the things we do good. Therefore we selected as a cover stock a reddish, maroon stock with a linen feel to honor our very first logo and company colors. Those red colors are further highlighted in the red lines on the interior paper. The outside is foil-stamped with a beautiful copper foil, just like our first edition Lenore, honoring hometown hero Edgar Allan Poe. We also incorporate our new design seen on many of our products released this year.

We started Limited Editions with a box, and we wanted to do a box this time. The box is similar to the first pocket notebooks we did in design. With its kraft cover, it combines the look and feel of the original pocket notebooks. Additionally, it shows how we are looking forward to the future of pocket notebooks here at Write Notepads & Co.

As a special tchotchke, we designed some tradable baseball cards, one included with each notebook pack. These cards cover all the canonical limited editions, plus a couple of important ones, with a brief explanation on why they were made on the back. 

  • Three pocket notebooks
  • Collectible trading card
  • 3.75” x 5.5” glue-bound notebook with copper foil impression. 
  • 64 pages of heavy, smooth 70# paper stock
  • Printed with vegetable-based inks
  • 100% American made in Baltimore, MD
  • Limited quantity available (700)"

Write Notepads set out producing a quarterly Limited Edition, in the style of Field Notes. These though, were perfect bind. Not a staple in sight. Some people hate it, I love it. The quarterly release cycle got too much - and the company faded a little from the scene. Now - they are back, with a wide range of different-sized notebooks, and this magnificent limited edition.

Perfect bound pocket notebooks do not lie flat. If lie-flat is important to you - go seek staples. 

I find these notebooks cool and classy. As happy with a suit as a pair of jeans. 

Unusually for pocket notebooks from the States, these play nice with my fountain pens. Pelikan M200, M nib. Kaweco Brass Sport M nib. Sailor 1911 Broad nib. Pelikan M605 Broad nib. All fine. No feather, no bleed, no show. This is good paper. 

We have a limited amount of these, and I for one, will be picking up a couple more packs before they sell out.