Paw Prints — Tomoe

Pebble's Sakura Sumiko Ltd. Ed.

Posted by Amanda Fleet on

What's it like? When you write in it, how does it feel?

If you love the crinkle of thin paper that's been written on (and I do!) - like airmail paper can, this is the notebook for you. If you like inks with sheen to them (and I do!), this is the paper for you. If you adore the fact that only 250 of them will ever be made, this is for you.

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Jumping Journals

Posted by Stuart Lennon on

An undeniable perk of owning a notebook shop, is that I get to use many excellent notebooks. My “Daily Driver” for work is an adaptation of the #bulletjournal system, in an A5 notebook. I run through one every couple of months. April - May, I have been in a MD Notebook by Midori. Beautiful cream paper in an understated Japanese design. Lovely with fountain pens. It's time for me to choose and prepare the book for June - July. I feel an Endless Recorder coming on. In crimson. If you are a fountain pen user, and you enjoy a medium...

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