Great value finds

by Amanda Fleet

Looking for some great value for money? Well, I would argue that all of the items on sale at Nero's are competitively priced, but if you really want more bang for your buck, these would be my top picks.

The top of my list would have to be the bargain bundle. Nero has put together a collection of notebooks worth over £25 into a bundle priced just £15. Whether you fancy trying some different brands, or just fancy a bargain, give it a try.

Slightly more expensive, but definitely one for the Tomoe River paper lovers, the A5 (ish) Odyssey notebooks are fabulous. 496 (yes, you read that right!) numbered pages of Tomoe River paper (the 68gsm version) for £55. Stock is low, so don't hang about.

Another hefty tome for the big book-lovers amongst us, would be the Bomo B5 journal. £35 for 192 pages of B5 (25 x 17cm) paper, all beautifully wrapped in a hardback, leather-bound cover.


"I want pocket notebooks! Nero's started out selling pocket notebooks. I can't fit a hardback B5 book in my pocket!"

Fear not, Nero has you covered!

I would look no further than the Clairefontaine pocket notebooks. Either the 3 pack with the slightly plainer covers (only £6... for three notebooks), or the slightly prettier Retro Nova covers (£8 for three notebooks). The paper is fabulous (90 gsm and very fountain pen friendly) and there are a decent number of pages per book (48 for the plainer version, 64 for the Retro Nova).

Fancy the index-card trend, but want to try it out at a lower price? Nero sells Exacompta index cards at £3 for 100 cards. They come in plain or grid and are a little larger than the A7 Foglietto, at 7.5 x 12.5cm.

Last, but most certainly not least, the Nero's Pencil. Honestly, these are part of a running joke with the team at Nero's as they never seem to need sharpening! They lay down a decent, dark line, yet the lead is hard, not soft. A pack of these will probably not only last your lifetime, but your great-grandkids may well still be using them! £16 for 12. Seriously, they're fabulous! Alternatively, I would recommend the Discover Graphite collection, where you send Nero a tenner and he sends you a selection of pencils worth more than that. What's not to like?