Storyboard large notebook

by Amanda Fleet

Tomoe River paper lovers... you may want to check this out! Especially since Tomoe River is no longer in production.

The Storyboard 'large' notebook appears to have delusions about its size, because at 13 cm x 19 cm (5.1" x 7.5") I wouldn't call it 'large' (you've all remembered my love of B5, right?). But it is actually a pretty nice size. A smidgen under A5 it perhaps fits that niche where A5 is a bit too big, but A6 is too small.

The notebook has 64 pages of the slightly heavier weight Tomoe River paper (68 gsm), and the pages are stitched in, meaning that it will open out flat. The cover is a reasonably sturdy card - heavy enough to protect the notebook, but not so thick it swamps it. The paper is 5mm dot grid. I would say the dots are a little darker than in a Leuchtturm or a Rhodia, and that paper colour is soft white. I really like the colour. Pure white can be a bit too bright (especially in sunny weather), whereas many shades of 'ivory' can be too yellow for my taste.

What's the paper like?

Well, it's Tomoe River, so if you like a nice sheen and don't mind slightly longer dry-times then it's perfect. If you're left-handed and write in such a way that your hand rubs across what you've just written, then you may not love it as much, to be honest, as you'll probably smudge everything.

Feathering is non-existent, ditto for bleed-through. I find there is often show-through/ghosting with some of my heavyweight pens on the lighter weight Tomoe River paper, but not with the 68 gsm version. Fountain pens just glide over the surface and the paper really is a dream to write on.

As you can see, despite the very lightweight paper, there is no ghosting/show-through to the other side at all, despite me testing it with my most paper-unfriendly pens!

I can definitely recommend these if you're after a slim notebook with amazing paper in it.

Dot-grid not your thing? They come in a lined version too. Both are priced £10.

Dot grid