Endlessly on and on

by Scribble Monboddo

You have to hand it to Endless – they know their audience. We want something we can really use. For many of us, that means something you can put in a sleeve, and that requires standard sizing. This is properly Pocket Size, so it ticks that box.

We also want something which can stand a bit of abuse. This is clothed in sturdy enough card, and sewn together robustly too. It’s slender, but it can take fairly rough handling. It doesn’t look so conspicuous that someone will be tempted to relieve you of your precious notes, either. So far, so good.

But the paper has to be right for the purposes intended too, and here it’s certainly a winner. Tomoe River paper may be an acquired taste, but if it’s a taste acquired by you here’s a sensible application of that scarce resource. It can handle the wettest of wet nibs, gallons of ink and a generous quantity of scribbles and still come out looking shiny – as long as you can wait a little longer for it to dry before pocketing it once more. Get yours here.