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Is it a planner? Or a notebook? Could be both!

Posted by Amanda Fleet on

Scrib blogged about the Stálogy 018 1/2 year notebook/planner a few weeks ago (see here), but let me share my thoughts.

Unlike Scrib, I am a bit of a planner nerd. I do like to plan my days and I have a vertical, week to view, A5 planner on my desk where both appointments and planning are time-boxed. The Stálogy isn't really like that. I mean, it could be like that, if you wanted it to be, because the joy of the notebook/planner is that it's pretty free-form. There are markings to indicate the time, day, date etc, but they're also faint enough that you can just ignore them entirely.

Essentially, this is one of the most flexible planners/notebooks I've come across.

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Posted by Scribble Monboddo on

Stalogy, you see, know a thing or two about human nature. They know we're analogue, and organic, not given to simply doing what we're told. Swapping between books for dates, notes and doodles is just such a bore. So now you don't have to.

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Getting to Know...Trigg

Posted by Stuart Lennon on

We spoke to Bree and Matthew, the folk behind the Trigg Life Mapper. What’s behind your concept? We designed Trigg to solve our own problems, yet these issues are rife among most peoples' days and we hope you can find benefit and relief quickly. We have very typical lives and jobs. Matthew is a writer and an event producer, whilst Bree is a graphic designer. Both of us have become productivity geeks, inspired by experts such as Stephen Covey, Chris Guillebeau, Leo Babauta, and Charles Duhigg amongst many others.   Both of us have also suffered our fair share of misfortune. Life...

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