Getting to Know...Trigg

by Stuart Lennon

We spoke to Bree and Matthew, the folk behind the Trigg Life Mapper.

What’s behind your concept?

We designed Trigg to solve our own problems, yet these issues are rife among most peoples' days and we hope you can find benefit and relief quickly. We have very typical lives and jobs. Matthew is a writer and an event producer, whilst Bree is a graphic designer. Both of us have become productivity geeks, inspired by experts such as Stephen Covey, Chris Guillebeau, Leo Babauta, and Charles Duhigg amongst many others.  

Both of us have also suffered our fair share of misfortune. Life sometimes throws in bigger challenges than 18 hour days and niggling insomnia. Sometimes we get really sick or even worse lose loved ones and it's only then that huge distances of perspective open up before us.  

Who are your books for?

Trigg has been designed for digitally distracted young professionals who wish to gain more clarity, mindfulness and focus.
It is for anyone who values the power of a daily diary but has a life that needs compartmentalising and guiding structures.


The Trigg 2019


Do you take notes?

We are both prolific note and list makers; using a combination of pen to paper and our phones to keep track of life admin as well as work related tasks.

What’s next for you?

Hopefully Trigg will continue growing - we'd love to have a choice of coloured covers; and then a week to a page option as well as perceptual diary option. So many ideas...

Describe yourself in three objects

Maps, postcards & sketchbooks 

Notebook, Notes App or both?


What’s in your pencil case right now?

PaperMate Ink Joy in black and in purple, Derwent Graphic 2B pencil and a hair tie

Pencil, ballpoint, gel, or fountain pen?

Gel pen

Which three famous people, (living or dead) would you like to have dinner with?

Daniel Kitson, Bjork & Frida Kahlo

What’s the best thing about the place you live?

The beach

What’s your most treasured possession?

A personal letter from the Dalai Lama

Where are some of your favourite Stationery spots on the Internet?

  • Present & Correct

  • Milligram

  • Kami paper