Plan to fail, not fail to plan

by Scribble Monboddo

The Agile gurus say that if you're going to fail, fail fast - then learn from it. It's not bad advice, but, hey, it helps to have a notebook to hand. As ever, Lochby have thought about that need.

So, here's a planner - and very flexible it is too. There's no attempt to force you into a corner about how you use it; the format subtly reminds you that some content is useful each day, but doesn't restrict you from writing over the labels if you wish. It's properly curmudgeon-proof, then. Goodness, they must have had a plan!

What's it like to use? Well, rather splendid, for fountain pen users, because it's made with Tomoe River paper held down by a proper sewn binding. It is priced accordingly, so you'll not want to waste a page, but it's good enough that you won't be tempted to either. You can find one for yourself right here.