Is it a planner? Or a notebook? Could be both!

by Amanda Fleet

Scrib blogged about the Stálogy 018 1/2 year notebook/planner a few weeks ago (see here), but let me share my thoughts.

Unlike Scrib, I am a bit of a planner nerd. I do like to plan my days and I have a vertical, week to view, A5 planner on my desk where both appointments and planning are time-boxed. The Stálogy isn't really like that. I mean, it could be like that, if you wanted it to be, because the joy of the notebook/planner is that it's pretty free-form. There are markings to indicate the time, day, date etc, but they're also faint enough that you can just ignore them entirely.

Have a look at the layout.

Down the left-hand side of each page there are time indications, starting at midnight and running for 24 hours. For some, the full 24-hours would be useful. For others, perhaps less so, but since the writing is both small and faint, you could put whatever times you want in there. 

At the top of each page are the months, the days of the week, and the numbers 1-31.

Want to use it as a planner?

There is enormous flexibility in the 4mm grid page. The grid is faint enough to ignore it completely if you wanted, but is is there. 

Across each page are 34 boxes. You like a vertical, week on two pages? No problem. You could set yourself up with 8 columns across the 2 pages, use 7 for the days and have a column for to-do (or decoration, or whatever you wanted). Or do 3 columns per page and have Saturday and Sunday share a column (not my thing, but I know many planners do that).

Need more space per day? Easy. There's space to use the time marks for appointments/time-boxing, plus a large space for notes/to-do/decoration/anything. Conversely, you could have it as two days per page. Or anything, really. That's the beauty. You're not tied in to any one format, so the bullet-journalers amongst you will be happy!

Want to use it as a notebook?

Since the time markings are so faint, you can ignore them. You could date your notes (or not...). The 4mm grid would make either for very fine lines (too fine for me), or using alternate lines, a decent 8mm line spacing. You can also ignore them if you're wanting to sketch things or mind-map or whatever.

Want to use it as a bullet-journal?

It's ideal. Dated days/random lists/scrapbook... it can be whatever you like!

What will I use mine for?

Notes on one of the (many!) books I'm writing. The paper isn't bad for fountain pens, although very wet nib/ink combos might show through a bit too much for me. In my experience, a medium or fine nib has always been okay (this is not my first Stálogy planner!). The paper is very thin and so 192 sides are contained in a very slim notebook.

Given that I currently have a gazillion books that need planning, and that I like to use separate notebooks for the different aspects of books (setting/plot/characters etc) I can easily see this finding a home in my Lochby.

Nero is stocking both the sunshine-bright yellow and the red.