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Pencil parade...

Posted by Amanda Fleet on

I love a good pencil, me. Emphasis is on good though. Scratchy pencils - you know, those ones that seem to have a grain of sand in them as you write - well, they can take a running jump, frankly. But a pencil that writes smoothly, has a decent darkness to the line yet holds its point over many lines of writing...? Well, that's every pencil-lover's dream, isn't it?

Let me give you a flavour of 9 different pencils and what they're good for. Some of them are definitely writing pencils. Some of them are softer and at a push, could be used for sketching or doodling.

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Blackwings of victory

Posted by Scribble Monboddo on

Whether it was the international pedigree or the adoption by various artists that did it, the Blackwing pencil evidently won itself a loyal following. Apparently, during the decade or so that no Blackwing was produced, online auction prices for 'new old stock' rose a hundred-fold. That's crazy, of course, but it showed there was a market waiting for someone else to tap...

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