A-Viking we shall go (again)

by Scribble Monboddo

Danish stalwarts Viking were barely known in Blighty until Nero introduced their wares, but by goodness are we glad to have them around now. Here are some more of the stonking pencils they make.

There's a lot of HB, which might not sound that novel - but Viking does it very well. The hexagonal-bodied Element pencils are a good place to start; Element 2 has an eraser, while Element 1 does not (and can therefore be slotted-in to a pencil holder when it's worn down to a stub). If you prefer your HB cylindrical, the 701 does the same job in suitably rounded style.

The Verso GS150, meanwhile, is a strange beast indeed. As Amanda notes, if you're a mobile sketcher and note-taker with a steady hand, it is versatile indeed. If you're a short-sighted bumbler, sharpening both ends may risk ghastly ocular incident - but a point protector will resolve that issue safely enough.