Step into the drawing room

by Scribble Monboddo

If you're a regular visitor to this corner of the blogosphere, you'll have come across Musgrave before. They make classic, sturdy, long pencils from wood that doesn't break in a hurry, and they're pretty decent value too. Spoilers over!

What's different about this collection is that they're intended as much for drawing as for writing - although they do both pretty well, in practice. The 2H is hard enough for sharp outlines without being scratchy, the HB and 2B are great for detail and the 4b and 6B versions make a nice dark mark which is good for bold lines and shading.

Or you could just write the shopping list - we're not watching! These are classy pencils and even quotidian tasks are a pleasure in such company. Swing by the emporium and bag yourself a set.