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Analogue v digital: journalling

Posted by Amanda Fleet on

Well, it's me. So the answer is, of course, analogue! But also, as it's me, I have LOTS of different journals!

1. Daily journal

2. Writing journal

3. "Processing crap in my head" journal

4. "Amazing days journal"

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Analogue v Digital 2. - Journal

Posted by Stuart Lennon on

I wrote last week about Calendars, with the digital winning out for me, because of its ubiquity and shareability.This week, Journals. First, let me narrow down the definition. When I say Journals, I am talking about reflective journals, where I log events and feelings. The DigitalDay One is an absolutely superb app, that I have had on my devices for a long time. The first entry is the 3rd of August 2013. I have used it on and off since then. It lives on all my devices, syncing from one to the other. As with calendars, this is a baked-in...

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