What day is it today?

by Amanda Fleet

I'm in that peculiar time between Christmas and New Year when days suddenly start being called "Thursday" or "Friday" again instead of having names like "Christmas Eve" etc. Consequently, I have no idea what day it is! It's also been a bizarre couple of days with a huge storm raging across Scotland, leading to flooding around where I am like I've never seen before! A relative who had been up for Christmas has been stranded here for 2 days and we're not hopeful that the promised train tomorrow will actually run. We may be having to take her to the airport so that she can get back to London.

When the weather outside is frightful, it's a perfect time to settle down with a pen or pencil and retreat into journaling.

My go-to journal is still the BomoArt B5 behemoth, which may well take me the rest of my life to fill up. I love it - the pages are a beautiful creamy off-white, with a bit of texture to them. The paper plays nicely enough with some of my fountain pens (though not all, I must confess), and of course is just fine with ballpoints/gel pens/pencils. The covers have scenes/old adverts/etc from Budapest and the spine is bound in green leather.

Page size is 25cm x 17cm, and there are 192 pages in it, so even those of you who can scribble away each day will take a bit of time to fill it.

Right now, the B5 size are on sale at only £30 - a huge amount of journal for relatively few pennies.

But if B5 is a touch too big for you, Nero does also stock the journals in A5 size. There are slightly fewer pages (160) and (obviously) the page size is smaller. There are two different flavours of cover remaining in stock (the "balloons" have all sold out: "atelier" and "travelling"

New Year? New journaling habit? Then I would treat yourself to one of these before they go.