LSW Mind Notes

by Amanda Fleet

"Journaling is a fantastic way to get to know yourself better, to discover what makes you tick, what doesn't, and what you need to do to fit more of the good stuff into your life. This journal ... has been designed to help you identify patterns in your behaviours in order to make the positive changes needed to live a fulfilled and happy life."

So says the introduction to this journal.

The LSW Mind Notes book is a six-month journal, with guided pages, aimed at helping you with your focus and general well-being.

It's easier to see what it's about if I walk you through the different kinds of pages.

1. Daily pages

For Monday through Friday (there are no weekend pages), there are guided pages, with spaces for you to fill in your thoughts for the day, where you spent your energy beneficially, where you spent your energy that wasn't beneficial to you, how you might focus your energy better the following day, what you're grateful for, and a box labelled "Mind card notes" but I'm not 100% sure what they are...

2. Weekly pages

At the end of each week, there is a page where the week is reviewed. There is space for you to note what went well over the week, what patterns emerged about where you spent your energy, space to note "what can I learn to make me do more of what makes me happy?", plus space for three mantras for the following week, and what your self-care plan will look like.

After the weekly review page is a page of notes, and then an activity. This might be a page to colour in, a mindfulness technique, a breathing technique, mantras, or so on.

Right at the back of the book, there are 8 pages for notes. The entire journal is hardbacked, with 224 pages in total, of 100 gsm paper. It's undated, so you can start at any time, and is A5 in size.

It's a well thought out journal and for those who are into this kind of thing (I must confess, I'm not especially), it's a really beautiful book.

I talked about it to a friend and she absolutely loved the idea of it and asked for one for her birthday! So, that's me sorted!

 LSW Mind Notes Journal