Paw Prints — Calepino

There is nothing to writing; all you do is sit down at a notebook and bleed.

Posted by Scribble Monboddo on

Top marks for presentation here before the notebook is even visible! What could lie within that mysterious black box? The Calepino logo is admittedly a bit of a give-away for those who know their stationery, but the contents are still impressive. There is a ring-bound book, with a vertical band which looks like it was printed seventy years ago then travelled here in a time machine. Actually, that's not far off given that, as the information slip in the rear pocket confirms, this is a hand-made product. Seriously - I mean, who even does that any more? The wow factor...

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Calepino... mean, green writing machines

Posted by Amanda Fleet on

I love stationery. That's no big surprise. But I also love this planet we're on and over the last few years have become acutely aware of how much plastic is used, everywhere. It hasn't stopped me loving stationery, but it has made me think more than twice before buying products that aren't biodegradable. It's difficult. Even when I think I've found something great, it then arrives in shrink-wrapped plastic.

Enter Calepino!

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