Spring is here, ah spring is here.

by Scribble Monboddo

It's meant to be winter, but here in Blighty daffodils are already popping up and we may as well face the new reality - an early spring is well on its way.

We've mentioned Calepino's Augurs of Spring set before, but it deserves a second look because it's just so beautifully put together. The cover printing is a real work of art, and even the carton shouts 'artisan-made' - which is what it is, to be fair.

But a cultivated appearance wouldn't be enough to convince us stationery obsessives, would it? It's got to work, too - and it does. This is excellent paper for graphite, and it can even handle a bit of fountain pen ink too. The only downside is that there's so little stock left right now that if you like the look of this, you'd better hurry!