Back to classy

by Scribble Monboddo

 No random diversions, this week - things are scary enough in the big bad world.

Here instead is some seriously, seriously classy French stationery to remind us of happier, safer times. Pick any point in the last seventy years or so which you felt comfortable in, and this would fit. Properly timeless.

Is it good as a notebook, as well as an objet d'art? Mais oui! 

The orange rulings are distinctive, and although the paper has a bit of texture it copes with a fountain pen tolerably well. Of course, with graphite it's very, very happy indeed.

So here's a numbered edition which you'll enjoy using!

The red inner covers are classier still, the story of the notebook's construction on Rue Phileas Fogg (en Francais, naturellement) is charming and every moment of using this just has - apologies for the obvious conclusion here - a certain je ne sais quoi about it. Unlike so many modern experiences, this enduring classic can be recommended without reservation.