More spiral-bound delights

by Amanda Fleet

Did you miss out on the limited edition but really want a spiral-bound, Calepino dot-grid notebook?

Or did you like the idea of the book, but wanted it plain/lined/grid?

Well, that's okay. We have you covered!

They don't come with a swish black box, or have the Nero's Notes branding, but we do have more spiral-bound Calepino delightfulness for you. And you could always buy a Nero's Notes sticker for it!

As well as the limited edition notebooks, Calepino have made some regular versions. All of them come with a sturdy outer card cover, all of them have 160 pages of microperforated paper, and all of them have the pocket in the back.

The notebooks' covers and paper made from 100% recycled fibres and use vegetable-based inks, so if you're looking for a 'green' notebook, look no further.

The dot-grid version

This is slightly different from the other three in having a pale cover, rather than the kraft version, but otherwise it's pretty similar.

Inside are 160 pages of 90 gsm dot-grid paper, and all the pages are microperforated for easy removal (though they're attached firmly enough they won't come loose until intended). There's a double pocket in the back (one pocket on one side of the card, one on the other) for keeping tickets or business cards or slips of paper.

The grid version

This is the one I have. Inside the kraft card cover is a vibrant green inner cover (I would call it British Racing Green!). The grid is printed in a light green, and there's an indication for adding the date. It doesn't play especially nicely with wet fountain pens, but is just grand with gel pens, rollerballs, biro, or graphite. As with the other versions, there's a set of pockets in the back (on the green inner cover).

The ruled version

 All pretty similar, except the inner cover is a glorious bright red, and the paper is lined!

The plain version

You guessed it... same specs, except the inner cover is blue and the paper is plain.

With all of them, the bronze spiral binding allows for the book to be completely bent back so that the footprint on the desk is no more than A5. The covers are all sturdy enough to withstand a lot of abuse, and are also strong enough to lean on if you need to write but don't have a flat surface handy. I think they're great!