Nero's Notes — Bullet journal

Biting the Bullet

Posted by Scribble Monboddo on


I was sceptical, but Nero sent me so many bullet-journalling resources that it soon looked like I'd have to try some just to clear a way through to my writing desk. I admit I was anxious about having to 'enjoy' all those video lectures, but I did my homework, and the secret didn't prove so hard to find...

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Bullet Journal Basics

Posted by Stuart Lennon on

What is the Bullet Journal? #BuJo if you’re hip.  Bullet journalling is a system of journalling devised and publicised by a fellow called Ryder Carrol. You can see his story here There’s even a companion app now!  Whatever you may have seen or heard, #BuJo is a simple and straightforward way of managing a journal. True, there are people who turn their journals into works of art, and Bullet Journaling is no different. There are some amazing pictures on Pinterest and Instagram if that’s your thing. However, artistic talent is not mandatory. (Good news, in my case!) The beauty of the system...

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