Clairefontaine Retro Nova Lined Pocket Notebook

  • £ 8.00 GBP

The French are here! Clairefontaine have been milling paper since 1858, so it's no surprise that they are pretty good at it. These books give you more pages for your money than most, and if you use a fountain pen, these books are for you. Fantastic notebooks.

An original edition of the 'Retro Nova' emblematic Clairefontaine vintage notebooks collection with three new designs inspired by up-to-date fashion or decoration trends: "perspectives parallèles", "nouvelle vague" and "arlequin". There are six colours to choose from. Each pack of three contains an assortment of patterns. The books are lined and measure 140mm by 90mm. Each book contains 64 pages and they are sewn spine.