Undated planners (part 2!)

by Amanda Fleet

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about undated weekly planners. I'm going to give you a quick tour around the monthly planning options this time.

While weekly planners can be brilliant for the nitty-gritty in planning, monthly planners can give you a broader perspective. I tend to have the broad brush-strokes in a monthly planner/monthly calendar, with more detailed day-to-day stuff in the weekly planner. I like the planners that have a month to a view, in a grid format:

The image above comes from an Octagon Plan Your Month undated planner, which comes in a red or black cover. These are A5(sih) at 13.5cm x 20 cm, and would work well paired with the Weekly Planner I talked about a couple of weeks ago. You could even keep the two together in a Lochby Field Journal cover, if you so wished.

The Octagon planners have 24 months' worth of planner pages, with 2 lined pages between for notes, making 120 pages in total. The binding allows the book to lay flat and there's a matching ribbon marker in the book.

If you wanted to combine weekly and monthly planners into one, and it still be undated, then the Pebble Undated Planner is for you.

The Pebble has it all, really! There are pages for the months listed vertically:

Then there are monthly spreads in a grid:

And then finally, there are weekly spreads, with the weekdays on the left and space on the right for notes/to-do lists/whatever:

The paper is 52 gsm Tomoe River, so the planner isn't super-thick, despite all the page options. Page size is 10.9 cm x 21 cm (Traveler's Notebook size). There are two ribbon markers, and some dot-grid pages at the back for extra notes.  As it's undated, you can start any time you want, and dip in and out - plan when you need to; don't plan when you don't. Also perfect if you're needing the equivalent of an academic year, rather than a calendar year.

Of course, if you were wanting to go 'freestyle' Nero sells a large assortment of plain, dot-grid, or lined notebooks, in a wide variety of sizes, and some stamp kits to help with layouts.