Undated planners

by Amanda Fleet

One of my friends once asked me what my planning system was, and I thought, “Bless you for thinking that there is a planning system.” Most of my days are relatively unplanned, but every now and then, I need something to help me with project management. These projects are usually not going to take so much time that I would need to use an entire year-long planner.

This is when an undated planner can be very useful.

Nero’s Notes sells a number of undated planners. Some of these are weekly planners; some of them are monthly planners. If the project is a relatively short one, you might find that a simple weekly planner is enough to keep you on track.

Let me walk you through some of the options.

A really simple option would be something like the Bomo Art weekly desk planner. It has the week split over 6 columns (the weekend days share one column), with attractive decorations around the margins either of balloons, or the forest. The paper is lovely and thick, and the page size is approximately A4 (24.9cm x 17cm, in landscape orientation). There are 52 tear-off sheets (a whole year).

In a similar vein, the Coffee Notes weekly planner has the week split into vertical columns, but each day gets its own column (including the weekends) and there is also space for a to-do list, and a small dot-gridded area for notes. There are 120 pages, and the reverse of the page has more dot-grid. It’s wire-bound across the top, plastic-free and A4 sized. The paper is made from a mix of recycled coffee cups, cotton, and FSC fibres. I’ve not tried one personally, but if the paper is anything like that of the to-do list pads, it’s amazing and will handle fountain pen as well as anything else you want to write with.

Taking up a little less real-estate on your desk when closed would be the Octagon weekly planner. It’s A5 sized, opening up to A4, with a week across two pages (week to a view). Each day has its own space, plus there is a ‘notes’ space. There are 54 weeks to the planner, with some pages for notes at the back and a ribbon marker. It comes in a black cover and a brown/beige cover.

The Write Pads weekly planner is 10” x 7”, with a week spread across two pages. The binding is spiral/wire down the centre, and there are 60 weeks to the planner. As well as a column for each day, there is a space for notes. Cover colours are blue, red, black, pistachio, or kraft.


Of course, you could use a weekly planner all the time, and not just for project planning. As they are all undated, you could start using one right now.