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Best pens for Moleskine?

Posted by Amanda Fleet on

Over the last few years, Moleskines have been getting a rough press over the quality of their paper. I've not been a huge lover, to be honest, but then, I'm also one of the few in the world who wouldn't use Field Notes because of the paper quality. So, how bad are Moleskine (and Field Notes) with different pens? And if you're not a fountain pen user, do you even care that the paper doesn't cope with a Conklin Durograph laying down a lake of ink with every stroke? (No, probably not!) Okay, well here are the specs on some Moleskines....

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The story of Story Supply supplies, with orange staples

Posted by Scribble Monboddo on

As the autumn colours start to turn the leaves various ruddy shades, it's good to be reminded of the summer...

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The Working Artist Series

Posted by Stuart Lennon on

This is a series of notebooks from Story Supply Co.  If you don't know about Story Supply, you can check them out here. But briefly -  Story Supply Co. was born out of a love for analog creativity tools, a love for stories and their ability to connect us and make us better humans, and the desire to make stuff. We are writers, teachers, musicians, painters and designers. We are part of the team that launched and publishes a little, award-winning, literary journal called STORY.  Pretty cool guys, right? Wait a second, it gets better. "INTRODUCING OUR FIRST EDITION IN THE...

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