The story of Story Supply supplies, with orange staples

by Scribble Monboddo

As the autumn colours start to turn the leaves various ruddy shades, it's good to be reminded of the summer, and the first of our selections of limited-edition goodness from Story Supply comes in the shape of SMR '18 notebooks. These pocket-sized (90 x 140mm) beauties come with cover designs reminiscent of the 1960s surfing film Endless Summer - no, I've never seen it either, but just nod and smile knowingly and you can bluff this one - with lots of orange and yellow all over the place.

There are some lovely finishing touches, too. Look at that inside cover - they have actually spelled 'analogue' correctly! Well, shiver me waxed timbers. Better still, the un-lined light cream paper can handle a wet nib and is even better with a decent pencil, which is not the easiest trick to pull off.

Oh, and it also comes with a surfboard sticker, which is logical enough really - even if I thought it was a bookmark. Well, I'm more likely to go to the beach to read, let's be honest.

For anyone who wants something a little larger in order to actually write a story or two, the Ithaca 'prime' size notebook is a rather interesting option. Just a little shy of A5 on the horizontal axis, there is nevertheless plenty of writing space in one of these.

The dot-grid paper is a pleasantly tactile experience to write on, and although a tiny bit of feathering is evident under a very wet nib, it's nothing too much to worry about - and again, it absolutely rocks a pencil.

Ithaca itself was supposedly the island that Odysseus was trying to get back to during all that Mediterranean gallivanting-about. Curiously enough, many centuries later it was also briefly under Venetian control, then subsequently as part of the the United States of the Ionian Islands, a British protectorate in what is now Greece, with Italian as an official language and William Gladstone as Lord High Commissioner Extraordinary (as a bit of a break from chopping down trees and therefore, possibly, adding to the store of wood pulp for nineteenth-century notebooks). Now really, if that doesn't inspire you to works of giddy fiction, nothing will.

Then, to complete the thoroughly unique finish, they added bright orange staples. I know, right? How very extraordinary - or as surfers I used to live with would have put it more economically, rad!