Hawthorne Effect

by Scribble Monboddo

Now it may seem a bit naughty to blog about the same product for two weeks running, but this is such a good one that you may have to be forgiving.

These two-packs are very, very impressive, and especially so for anyone occasionally lacking in inspiration. That may be a big claim for a blank-ruled book, but it's justified, for this one is illustrated by a proper comic book artist, Mike Hawthorne of DC. You don't have to be into the likes of Deadpool to find this interesting, though, because the highly involved covers create a whole world of their own. 

What's going on here? Feasting after a battle? Celebration of the unique defensive capabilities of humans and giant ogres working in close partnership? Heaven knows, but it gets the creative juices flowing.

The notebooks are just a touch smaller than A5, but as they are highly unlikely to accompany you to the office their slightly unorthodox sizing is unlikely to trouble you. The fairly smooth (but just textured enough) cream paper can handle a bit of fountain pen ink calmly, but where it really comes into its own is with some choice graphite. Mike Hawthorne is also an 'ambassador' for Blackwing and, true to form, one of those top-notch pencils is a game partner for this devilishly doodlacious diptych. They're not priced ridiculously, and stocks won't last forever, so if you too wish to raise a tree-full of mead to the Atlantean alliance of superbeings, now's your chance.