Paw Prints — Rite in the Rain

Field Tests! How to keep writing, even in the rain...

Posted by Amanda Fleet on

Holidays are always a mixed blessing for me as a writer. In many ways, time away from writing or editing is a bonus as my brain gets to switch off. That sounds exactly what a holiday should do, right? So, what’s the downside? The downside is that once my brain gets to relax in such amazing scenery, it also gets creative. Too creative, usually, as nine times out of ten I’ll come up with a plot for another book! As a consequence, I need a notebook on me at all times! And, given the weather we had, one that will withstand the rain and cope with being chucked around in a backpack.

Enter the Rite in the Rain notebook, and The Alwych, both of which I road-tested (almost to death, but not destruction!) on holiday.

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