Notebook to take away on holiday...

by Amanda Fleet
Kilchurn Castle

I'm due to go on a walking holiday soon, covid-19 allowing. That said, right this moment, I'm not hugely hopeful we'll end up going. We were scheduled to go away in March, but 5 days before we were due to go, lock-down started and everything got cancelled. Here we are, 6 months later, and I suspect the exact same thing will happen again.

But... in the hope that we do get away, what notebook should I take with me?

Well, we're walking in the north-west of Scotland, so a waterproof notebook like Rite-in-the-Rain might be on the cards. I'm pretty sure hubby will grab the remaining one from a 3-pack I have, for making notes on the photos he wants to take (you can see his amazing pictures at if you're interested. The picture above is one of his, reproduced with permission!). They're great notebooks, but a little small for my requirements.

Last time we actually made it away on holiday (last year!) I road-tested an Alwych and the Rite-in-the-Rain. You can read my reviews of them here.

What might I take this year?

As ever, I will be plotting a book, so I may well take two notebooks - one for the holiday and one for the book-planning. Last year, I used the Alwych as a "capture-all" and while that made a superb log of the holiday, which truly was a mix of walking and book-planning, it's somewhat less satisfactory having to extract the book-notes from the other stuff.

For once, an A5 or larger book is not what I need. My backpack will have more than enough other stuff in it when we're out walking, without adding in two bricks of notebooks to lug around.

For the notebook to record the holiday, I suspect I will go for a Poach My Lobster (again... it did after all win my top notebook slot), for its glorious paper. It's perfect for both sketching in and writing in. If there had been a lined version, it might have made it as my book-planning notebook too, but instead, I will probably take something like the Palomino medium flex notebook set - at 8" x 5", it's a decent enough size, but they're slim books, so won't weigh too much, and there's three of them, so I won't run out of real estate.

Palomino flex notebook

Of course, all this may be pie in the sky and just like last time, a few days before we're due to go, everything will get cancelled.