Large A5 (ish) Odyssey

by Amanda Fleet

A while back, I reviewed the slim A5 (ish) Odyssey notebook. This time, I'm going to have a look at its "big brother"... and it's BIG! At least in pages.

I ordered the lined version, but these are now sold out. However, there are still some plain and some dot-grid versions available.

Although the page size is a tiny bit odd - not quite A5 at 148 x 202 mm (true A5 is 148 x 210 mm. I don't know why there are 8 mm fewer in this version), it's near enough as to make no difference.

The cover is soft and looks and feels like buckram. There is zero branding on the front and just "Odyssey Notebooks" and "" blind embossed on the reverse.

The front page has a few lines for you to label the contents, and the same company name and website at the bottom of the page.

After that come 496 pages of 68 gsm Tomoe River paper. The pages are numbered and in the lined version, line spacing is 7 mm. The dot-grid pages are 5 mm.

Not only that, but the books are sewn bound and so lie flat.

Almost 500 pages, in fabulous paper, in a lie-flat notebook? And because the paper is thin, the book doesn't weigh a ton, despite the hundreds of pages. Imagine the Bullet Journal you could create with one of the dot-grid versions. No wonder Nero is selling out.

A5 blank (black)

A5 dot-grid (black; brown; navy; purple)