June Report

by Stuart Lennon

Hey there.

After a record May, June was looking quiet. Then we had a birthday weekend sale. Wow. That got busy, quick.

Subscribers all got a bonus box as a thank you from us, to celebrate our second birthday.

Last month the curated subscription was Field Notes themed, including Limited Editions. The debate is hotting up for this month. Sign up here.

Clare has been busy fulfilling order this month for 'Teacher's presents'. I'm not a parent (Nero doesn't count) but it seems this really is a thing. We are brilliantly placed to provide a range of spend levels for these presents. Go have a look.

Incidentally - if photos are not coming up in your email, just click onto the site. All blog posts live up there in glorious technicolour.


What's new? 

Brace yourselves.

Extended Kaweco range, including their popular entry level pen, Perkeo. Kaweco ink and cartridges. Diamine ink. TWSBI fountain pens. A new book from Darkstar. An expanded range from Back Pocket. Halaby Aero. Limited edition Blackwings. Bullet Journals, metals and new colours from Leuchtturm1917, Goal Books from Rhodia, more Age Bags from Clairefontaine. All on the site now.

I also developed a venous ulcer on my leg. No fun at all. It's healing well at the moment, and I now get to wear very dashing compression stockings. It's quite a look with my cargo shorts. ;-)

What's coming?

July is already looking special. Field Notes Campfire is a huge success. Some releases get a mixed press - this one seems universally loved. Even a fountain pen user like me is finding merit.

Due next week is Chesapeake from Write Notepads & Co.

Word. have released the beach series.

Just look at them. They're gorgeous. We have even put together a mixed pack for you, with one of each style.

Coming in July is a range from a new company from Germany, a European Product Design Gold winner in 2017...oh yeah. We're bringing it.

As ever, thank you all very much for your business, your feedback and your support.

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Nero the Schnauzer, Clare and Stuart

Forget the app, there's a pocketnotebbok for that.