Customer Power

by Stuart Lennon

International Package

In my last blog post, I wrote about delivery costs and how there was no such thing as 'free' delivery.

A regular customer, Rosario, commented. He was frustrated that 'international' customers always bore the brunt of delivery charges - in effect, subsidising domestic customers who were not paying a delivery charge.

I thought about his response. 

He was right.

Where we were absorbing delivery costs entirely on domestic shipping over a threshold, we were conversely passing on ALL delivery cost to international customers.

That's not fair. 

So we have changed it.

Shipping costs for all zones have been reduced, with Nero's Notes absorbing broadly the same charge on international customers as it does on domestic ones. 

As an example - if you are in Europe and order one three pack of pocket notebooks, you will now pay £3 P&P. If you were to order 3 packs, you will pay £4. A significant reduction.

Thank you Rosario. You were right, and I was wrong. Now, I've fixed it.

I'm in trouble with the CEO. He's growling at me...😉