Kaweco RAW AL Sport Fountain Pen

Kaweco RAW AL Sport Fountain Pen

  • £ 56.00 GBP

Manufactured from tough aluminium and anodized or polished to produce a range of elegant colours, the AL Sport fountain pen is a respectable 135mm long with the cap posted, but just 105mm long when closed making it the ideal choice for either pocket or handbag.  

This pen has a polished steel nib and is presented in a smart retro-style Kaweco gift tin.

The Kaweco AL Sport fountain pen takes standard international short size ink cartridges and comes with 1 blue cartridge. 

This is the RAW finish. Nothing added, nothing taken away. Out of the box it's bright and shiny. For about a second. It will show fingerprints, passing specks of dust, changes in the ambient light. Every time you put the cap on, it will mark. Carry it with your keys, it will scratch. 

This is NOT the pen for the neat freak. This is a pen for outlier. someone who wants a pen unique to them and only them.

I love it.