Dapper Notes - Veracruzana

  • £ 15.00 GBP


Enon's lastest edition draws inspiration from  a Tiny Desk session he's been listening to rather a lot ( maybe a little bit obsessed). The artist is Natalia Lafourcade and yes, she has a beautiful voice, why not have a listen.  This editions cover is super bright with a floral pattern, matching the vibe of "Mi Tierra Veracruzana" paying homage to Natalie's home town of Veracruz.

The cover is a satin brushstroke pattern on the outside, clementine on the inside with a crimson, peach or cream coloured endsheet.

48 graph pages

70lb smooth white, with a bright yellow thread finish.

3.5" x 5.5"

Made in the USA

Can be used left to right or R-T-L.