Blackwing Pearl Slate Notebook

  • £ 30.00 GBP

The Blackwing addition to 'Dan's Big Pockets' range. 8.25 by 5 inches.

This is a seriously cool notebook.

The Blackwing Slate's cover is made from a smooth, matte pearl coloured polymer designed to take daily wear and tear without sacrifice of form or function. In keeping with Blackwing's aesthetic, the rear covers features a discrete debossed Blackwing logo. The unusual spine is a result of the fact that the Blackwing Slate's is dual-bound for extra strength and durability. First the pages are sewn-bound together creating a 'block' of pages, and the cover is then sewn-bound to the block for double strength.

The Blackwing Slate has a built-in holster for your favourite Blackwing pencil which sits on top of the unusual black canvas spine and ensures your pencil is always close at hand. Every Blackwing Slate comes with a Blackwing Pearl pencil pre-fitted. 

Inside your Blackwing Slate you will find 160 pages of plain or dot grid 100 gsm paper - a high quality stock that is perfectly suited to Blackwing's pencil lead as well as your other writing implements. 

Finally, every Blackwing Slate features a ribbon bookmark and a pocket to store your loose notes and momentos. On the back page of the Slate you'll find the story of the legendary Blackwing pencil.