Nero's Subscription

Nero's Subscription

  • £ 27.00 GBP


You are on the cusp of the advanced-level subscription. Nero's first subscription comes in May 2018, and thereafter every August and November, February and May.

Perhaps you might already be taking the Pocket and Desk subscriptions, or perhaps you are a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants wild child. This subscription is un-described. Unfettered.

Personally curated by the CEO, this is the gamble. Each box might contain anything. Yes, we guarantee that it's stationery related. Yes, we guarantee that the retail value of the package is greater than the price paid for it - but that's it.  Second payments and beyond are all taken on the 5th of the relevant month, and boxes sent on or around the 15th. Normal shipping policies apply.

One thing to bear in mind - this box might not be letter-box friendly.

So - Do you feel lucky?

Trust me. I'm a schnauzer.

For every curated subscription box shipped, £1 will be donated to Rescue and Rehome Cyprus