Team Favourite Notebooks

by Stuart Lennon

# Team Favourite Notebooks

We have a Slack at Nero's, and the other day, I took a risk. I asked the team for favourites. I say risk - because we're an opinionated lot.

I asked for "A few sentences please on your favourite notebook".

My own fault...

Scribble Monboddo.

"What a great idea. I can tell you about one we sell, and one we don't. The first is the Clairefontaine Art Deco, which makes even a dull day in the office a special event; it looks the business and loves a fountain pen! The second is's new 'Exorcise Book', which as well as great paper has a range of historical themes edited by, errm. yours truly - I admit a little bias, but they really are rather splendid"

Amanda Fleet

"For me, it would be a Stalogy B5. Gorgeous paper, no plastic and the perfect number of pages in a notebook, as I use several of them to cover all the different aspect of planning a book (a notebook each for setting/characters/plot/scene planning etc.). The physical (page) size is perfect for me (not being a pocket notebook lover...!) - partway between A5 (bit too small for plotting a novel in) and A4 (takes up just a bit too much space on a desk).
If it's for journalling, right now, the Bomo B5 is ticking the boxes for me, with it's beautiful, quirky design (that's also not so posh that I never actually start using it), fountain-pen friendly paper, and loads of pages."


"I’d have to stay loyal to my one true pocket sized love… The softcover pocket Leuchtturm1917. What’s not to love - It’s bendy, fits in my pocket and the paper and overall build quality is excellent. It’s a little bigger than my Pixel 4, smaller than my fridge and perfect for taking notes on the go."


"Ok so at work I’m using a Field Notes Steno (same one for about a year) love the size and as it’s ring bound I can easily look back at previous pages. Also for prices and quick reminders I’ve got a small Perspex open top box thingy that I can store small index cards in (also using these for lists at home as they fit in my purse). In my handbag at the moment, I’m using a lined Wilder book, I only use pencils so can’t comment how they manage with FP."


Pocket Notebook? It has to be Field Notes. A notebook in which to scrawl, jot, or think. Fill it up, file it away and move on. It's not fancy, nor precious. It's a tool. Perfect for its purpose. "But fountain pens..." Oh shush.
At the desk, it has to be Rhodia. Coated vellum paper that loves my big overblown fountain pen nibs, but is equally comfortable with a pencil. I love the colourful Rhodiarama colours and dot grid.