That There London

by Stuart Lennon

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”
Who am I to argue with Dr Johnson?

Pen Show

It’s Pen Show time again.

“The London Writing Equipment Show (LWES) show has been around for many, many years and during that time the show has established itself as one of the main writing equipment shows on the European show circuit. Now we are giving you two exciting shows, one in the Spring and one in the Autumn. So if you love writing equipment and especially fountain pens, ink, notebooks and other stationery. If you need your nibs tweaked bring them along and get looked at by one of the top nibsmiths. And for the youngsters, we have FREE fountain pens to give them at the Writing Equipment Society table.”

The show is on Sunday, March 10th from 10am until 4pm. It’s held at the Holiday Inn, Bloomsbury. There is an entrance fee, a fiver, I think, but don’t quote me on that.

Nero’s Table

Nero’s Notes will have a table, run by Clare, who has to look after all the customers and do so while being distracted and annoyed by me. As I am now a go-getter-jet-setter, I’m flying in on Saturday night, overnighting at Heathrow, where I’ll be picked up on Sunday morning as Clare makes her way up along the M4. We will have a stock of notebooks, Nock pen cases and some Blackwings. We are allowed to sell Blackwings as singles in a face to face transaction, so a great way to give them a try. I’ll be floating around, almost certainly wearing my thinking cap (pictured), taking photos, and pondering entirely unnecessary pen purchases. Grab me and say Hi. I’m mostly lunatic, but largely harmless and I love talking to customers.

Flying Visit

While I’m swanning about London, Margaret is holding the fort here in the mountain hideaway. I have no doubt that Spice, recovered from her operation and liberated from her cone, will be running her ragged. So, I’ll be heading straight back on Monday morning. Even so - that gives me an evening in the "world’s city", London. Fortunately for my wallet, the myriad of retail outlets that would tempt me will be closed by the time that I get to them, so I will content myself with a long walk, some street photography, and almost certainly a grape-based adult beverage.


The older I get, the more I treasure these simple pleasures. I’ll have my camera, a notebook and some time on my hands. I’m staying near Covent Garden, so I’ll start there, and doubtless take in Chinatown, Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square. There's a better than evens chance that I’ll dine at Randall & Aubin, eating fresh seafood and drinking excellent wine. This place takes no reservations, and puts you on a high stool at a counter, so it’s perfect for solo dining. Some times you have to wait. Yes, wait. Hanging about in Soho, with a fantastic glass of wine in your hand. Oh, the hardship.

I hope to see some of you at the Pen show, and if you fancy a stroll and a glass of wine, come and join me. If I have a superpower, it’s the ability to quickly locate top notch wine. Anywhere.