Paw Prints — Lamy

Can't choose between lined and grid? Oh, we have something for that.

Posted by Amanda Fleet on

You know how sometimes a grid notebook is, well, too 'gridded', but a lined notebook isn't at all gridded...?

[Hopefully this isn't just me...]

Enter the Lamy notebooks.

They're a design I've not seen before, though they do remind me of Seyes' ruling to some extent. Let me explain. They have a 4mm grid marked out in a light grey dotted line. Every vertical line is dotted; every other horizontal line is solid.

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Lamy Safari. The marmite of fountain pens?

Posted by Stuart Lennon on

The safari isn't. It's a game little duck, prepared to take on anything. It's a perfect starter pen. Visibly "designed" and opinionated. Hell, it even tries to teach you how to hold it.

The safari is a perfect first fountain pen, and a perfect gift pen.

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