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Lamy Notebooks

Posted by Stuart Lennon on

Amanda and Scrib both loved these notebooks. Finally, one of them has fought its way across the border back into the European Union and across the seas to Aphrodite's Isle. Paper is very much in the news. It seems agreed that Tomoe River is a thing of the past. Check out the excellent post on The Well-Appointed Desk, or listen to Pen Addict #463. I like Brad's take on this. Tomoe may or may not disappear forever, but fountain pen users will still be able to find everything that they need in paper. There is a huge variety out there,...

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Éminence grise

Posted by Scribble Monboddo on

What in the name of blue blazes is this? Alright, grey blazes. Can one even have grey blazes? Oh, whatever. But seriously, a notebook from LAMY?

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Can't choose between lined and grid? Oh, we have something for that.

Posted by Amanda Fleet on

You know how sometimes a grid notebook is, well, too 'gridded', but a lined notebook isn't at all gridded...?

[Hopefully this isn't just me...]

Enter the Lamy notebooks.

They're a design I've not seen before, though they do remind me of Seyes' ruling to some extent. Let me explain. They have a 4mm grid marked out in a light grey dotted line. Every vertical line is dotted; every other horizontal line is solid.

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Lamy Safari. The marmite of fountain pens?

Posted by Stuart Lennon on

The safari isn't. It's a game little duck, prepared to take on anything. It's a perfect starter pen. Visibly "designed" and opinionated. Hell, it even tries to teach you how to hold it.

The safari is a perfect first fountain pen, and a perfect gift pen.

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