Lamy Notebooks

by Stuart Lennon

Amanda and Scrib both loved these notebooks. Finally, one of them has fought its way across the border back into the European Union and across the seas to Aphrodite's Isle.

Paper is very much in the news. It seems agreed that Tomoe River is a thing of the past. Check out the excellent post on The Well-Appointed Desk, or listen to Pen Addict #463. I like Brad's take on this. Tomoe may or may not disappear forever, but fountain pen users will still be able to find everything that they need in paper. There is a huge variety out there, and plenty of people who like to charge fountain pen users a premium for whatever quality they seek.

Now - back to the matter in hand.

Lamy say:

"This handy booklet in Lamy grey has neon thread stitching as well as the same excellent paper quality as the softcover and hardcover.

Thus the Lamy notebook assortment is the perfect accompaniment for jotting down all those quick notes and sketches."

Scrib noticed that the Lamy notebooks bear a striking resemblance to those by Italian maker Fabriano. Honestly. The very thought!

All reviewers agree that the paper is excellent.

This reviewer is no different. This is a lovely notebook, fantastic with fountain pens and pencils, and an absolute steal at £8.50 for a three pack. It's going straight into my rotation as my podcast notebook.

Notably, Clare didn't send me one of the hardbacks - so I think she likes them too.