Pocket Pens

by Stuart Lennon

A long time ago, you know, in the before times, people went out. No. Seriously, people would go to other places.

Sometimes, they would carry backpacks and messenger bags, chock full of notebooks, pen sleeves and pencil cases. Amongst these heavily laden folk were a shadowy race, known only by the acronym #edc.

Every Day Carry

This is a thing. It really is. At one end of the spectrum are people who include everything from automatic weapons to water purifying tablets in their everyday carry (EDC). The central plank of EDC though is curation. What is the best tool for the job, the tool that combines utility, durability and portability?

EDC Pens

When I stopped wearing suits and carrying briefcases, I wanted a pen that could go anywhere with me. A pen? Who am I trying to kid? As if one would do the job...

2 Kaweco Brass Sports, a Kaweco Sport in frosted lime, a Kaweco Sport in raw aluminium, a Kaweco Lilliput Fireblue, a Kaweco Lilliput Copper, Pelikan M200 Star Ruby, TWSBI Mini, Ensso XS pocket pen, Schon DSGN Clip in stainless steel, Schon DSGN classic in copper, Schon DSGN Pocket six and a Fisher Space Pen.

I have several more on the way.

Pocket pens are great. I have sat on a rock, atop a mountain, recording my feelings in a notebook. I stood on the Camino de Santiago, watching the sun rising behind me, notebook and pen in hand.

It's a rare day that I am without a pen in my pocket. Which ones are best? Well, all of them, of course. Depends what I’m doing.


Going really wild? All weathers? The Fisher Space will write anywhere. The Schon DSGNs all come with Fisher refills too (but can take any D1 with an adaptor). I prefer the heft of the Schon. I never lose it in my pocket.

Civilised Hiking

I’m too old for crossing the Himalayas in my boxer shorts, with nothing but a pocket knife and an ice axe. At the end of a day, I like to sit in a restaurant, eat a good dinner and write my journal, before sleeping in a proper bed with pillows and sheets and things. A fountain pen is innately civilised. Kaweco Brass sport was my goto here. I love the classic design and the heft. The Ensso is fun too. Then, Ian Schon started building pocket pens with number 6 nibs. Now, I’m not sizist, but when it comes to nibs, a good big one, beats a good little one.

The Coffee Shop*

A pocket fountain pen is a fountain pen that sits in a pocket. The smaller models of all the big brands fit this criteria. I love Pelikans, and the Star Ruby is an excellent pen.

We carry extensive ranges of Schon DSGN, (more coming next week) Kaweco and Fisher. If you fancy a Pelikan or TWSBI, I get mine from Pure Pens or Cult Pens.

*A place where people used to hang out, drink coffee and sometimes even write stuff down.