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Picking a pocket pen

Posted by Scribble Monboddo on

Most fountain pens can travel in a jacket pocket, but some of us like something so portable that it can fit into the smaller pocket of a pair of trousers. Here's a handy guide to getting started if you set out on that path.

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Pocket Pens

Posted by Stuart Lennon on

A long time ago, you know, in the before times, people went out. No. Seriously, people would go to other places.Sometimes, they would carry backpacks and messenger bags, chock full of notebooks, pen sleeves and pencil cases. Amongst these heavily laden folk were a shadowy race, known only by the acronym #edc.Every Day CarryThis is a thing. It really is. At one end of the spectrum are people who include everything from automatic weapons to water purifying tablets in their everyday carry (EDC). The central plank of EDC though is curation. What is the best tool for the job, the...

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