One pencil ferrule them all

by Scribble Monboddo

OK, we may as well be straight with you; this is not a new product. But that's rather the point. Convincing readers of the aesthetic merits of a big shiny chunk of brass is easy when it's brand new. But when it's been in use for a year or two? Well that's when it starts showing its mettle. If not so much its metal.

Pencil extenders always seem like a good idea in principle. When you've spent a bit on some posh graphite, you want to write or draw with every last millimetre, right? But many pencil extenders are clunky and uncomfortable to use; in practice, the join between the end of the stub and the extender itself is often a bit uncomfortable, and that's a distraction from great art, or barely competent doodling (delete as appropriate). 

Makers' Cabinet made a virtue of necessity. If you're going to feel the thing in your hand, it may as well be a positive sensation. This is a big, weighty container for the end of a pencil, and you definitely know it's there. But that's in no sense a disadvantage; if you need to hold a line steadily, this is just the ticket. Plus, you get the full mileage from all those lovely Blackwings, Vikings, etc. Just remember to first remove the, ya know, ferrule.