Nomad's Green Thumb notebook

by Amanda Fleet

This is either a dream book, or a writer's nightmare...

It's a dream book because it's just so amazing. But it's a writer's nightmare because it implies that all the words you write in it should just be buried.

What am I on about?

The new notebook by Nomad has a cover that is meant to be planted after use as it has tiny seeds embedded in it. I suppose you could remove the cover and not bury all your notes too... though that would leave your notes naked.

 As ever, let me give you the specs...

  • This pack has 2 notebooks, the covers are made from 100% wood free handmade paper embedded with seeds.
  • They have been hand stamped with earth friendly soy ink. The paper inside is 70lb, including a variety of pages, white, fleck, pattern, green, hex and floral.
  • 64 pages 5" x 6.75"

Now, for me, the real treat is the fact that there are a variety of pages inside. Not only does this add to its awesomeness, but it also takes away that nightmare that my precious words are only fit to be buried... Normally, I keep all notebooks apart from 'scrap pad' type ones, so actually starting a notebook can be difficult... all that empty space; all those clean pages...

But for some reason, the fact the pages are patterned or have a hexagonal design and so on make is so much easier to just write in it - jot down things, doodle, sketch, whatever, and not worry that The Notebook Must Be Kept. And of course, if the notebook doesn't have to be kept, I can take the cover off and plant it!

The size is just right for me - B6 (near enough - a few mm short in height, but so am I!) and I really do like the patterned pages. Some of them have leaf-skeleton images, some are flecked, squared, pale green and so on. It really is a sweet little book.

They're on sale as a pack of 2 for £22, which is a decent price point for a well made, quirky notebook.

Check them out here.