Nomad - Green Thumb - 2 Pack

Nomad - Green Thumb - 2 Pack
Nomad - Green Thumb - 2 Pack
Nomad - Green Thumb - 2 Pack
Nomad - Green Thumb - 2 Pack

Nomad - Green Thumb - 2 Pack

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A notebook you can plant when you've finished using it, I know, how fantastic!

This pack has 2 notebooks, the covers are made from 100% wood free handmade paper embedded with seeds. They have been hand stamped with earth friendly soy ink.

The paper inside is 70lb, including a variety of pages, white, fleck, pattern, green, hex and floral.

64 pages

5" x 6.75"

The following instructions may be helpful when you're ready to plant the seeds:

Place part of the paper it into an airtight zip lock plastic sandwich bag, place a tablespoon of water (or enough to fully saturate the paper) in the bag and then seal the bag and trap a bit of air inside it so it forms a bubble to keep both sides of the bag from touching.  Do this in a room that has an ambient temperature of at least 72 degrees and allow the bag to be touched by sunlight for a few hours each day for the greatest possibility of growth. Once you see the sprout's roots searching for soil, transfer the paper from the bag into a pot (or garden) with a light covering of soil and continue nursing by daily watering.

Good luck, send us some pictures when your seeds have grown.


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