Field Notes Vignette

by Stuart Lennon
From the guys at Field Notes:

“Two stippled “Charcoal Gray” books and one super-bright “Terra Green” book make up each 3-Pack. We’ve also included a set of Field Notes-themed insert cards for you to play around with, to see how the “Vignette” personalization system works. But after you try those out, get to work on your own. Because that’s what this release is really all about.

To that end, there’s a tool in each pack to frame and crop existing images (or fabric samples, maps, anything flat, really) to the proper size. We’ve also made a simple web app to shoot, adapt, share, and print your own personal digital photos, as “vignettes.” We can’t wait to see how you personalize these. Please share your customizations on social media with the tag #myownfieldnotes and we’ll feature them.”

There’s even an app for your phone so that you can produce your own properly proportioned images to put into the notebook.


Might I go play with the app? In these locked down times, then yes, I suppose I might. However, I’m busy looking after Mrs L and her crocked back, so I’ll just use the images provided by Field Notes.

I’m sporting the bright green book with an image of Alexander Hamilton, with my usual labelling system.

Whether one likes the “make your own cover” vibe or not, these are solid notebooks. 48 page, graph paper, stong robust covers. This is an everyday notebook, for your pocket and favourite pencil, ball point or gel pen. A notebook to make notes in, if you will. A proper Field Notes.

Got kids? Get them to draw you some interchangeable images - while you sneak off for a cup or tea or peaceful beer.

Stay safe everybody, and remember, there’s a pocket notebook for that.