Meet The Gang

Hey there. I'm Stuart. Proprietor at Nero's Notes. 

I took over the site "PocketNotebooks" in February 2017. I was a customer here, and I liked it so much that I bought the company. Echoes of Victor Kiam there for those of a certain age. I am mad, (in many respects) about stationery in general and notebooks in particular. 

I am never without a notebook (or four) and I still get a thrill opening a new pack. My mission is to seek out the best notebooks, pencils, pens and accessories and get them on the shelves here. If we stock it, then I have tried it. I probably even use it regularly. (Believe me, I get through a lot of notebooks.) When I'm not here, you can find me writing at or recording the 1857 podcast at

Operations (ie everything)

Clare and Kayley are the reason your purchases comes so fast and so beautifully wrapped. These two superstars keeping everything ticking over at Nero's HQ, down Hampshire/Witshire way. Molly keeps the two oldies in check, and tries to keep a hold on the canine section.

We took over from...

Tony Short and Dan Smith

Tony and Dan  not only drove Pocket Notebooks forward, but cemented the brand as one of the leading industry retailers.

News & Views is where you can find a goldmine of stationery knowledge. As well as regular pieces from Stuart, we have regular contributions from Scribble Monboddo and Amanda Fleet. Why don't you have a browse through there?

News & Views