Best Pocket Fountain Pen

by Stuart Lennon

Best Pocket Fountain Pen

There was a time I wore a suit and carried a briefcase, or laptop bag. I had plenty of places to carry a swish fountain pen.

These days, suits are reserved for funerals and I generally don't carry a bag. If I want a fountain pen, then it needs to be one that I'm comfortable carrying in my shorts or jeans.

Ian Schon of Schon DESGN makes some awesome pocket pens in Massachusetts, and we have carried them - but they sell so fast direct in the US, there's little incentive for him to stock us here - and you know what? That's OK. Ian is a lovely guy, a huge talent, and we're delighted to see him doing so well. You can buy direct, here.

If you look around, you'll find a few makers who turn out great pocket pens in small batches - Ensso is another for example.

For the wider market - the King, or Queen, of pocket fountain pens is Kaweco.

The Kaweco Sport is a fantastic light weight, entry-level fountain pen. It works perfectly in my jeans pocket, is robust and comes in Extra-Fine to Double Broad. The nibs are sourced from both Jowo and Bock, and are good solid steel pieces. The pens come in every colour known to man, and limited editions come along regularly.

A step up, both in price and weight, come the metal Sports. In everything from aluminium at the light end to brass at the heavy end. I've run over my Brass sport twice with a SUV. The pen is fine, I was a bit worried about the car though.

Heck, Kaweco even do carbon fibre versions. We don't stock everything, but if there is something that you really fancy, just give us a shout. We'll be able to get it for you.

The best alternative to the Kaweco Sport is the Lilliput. I would have written competitor, but the Lilliput is made by, um, Kaweco too. It's a skinny wee thing, but made of metal, so a tough blighter. I'm not sure it's as robust as my beloved Brass Sport, but it's less chunky in the pocket too. Same international short cartridge, and same nibs.

For me, the best will always be the Kaweco Brass Sport. Indestructible, iconic looking and always reliable. Works on a hike, or in a meeting. Classy.