William Hannah

by Stuart Lennon

We met on neutral ground. Not far from Oxford.

Scribble, one nom de plume of a prolific blogger, stationery nut, and excellent fellow had suggested that I should meet David Round.

"You'll like him."

I had admired Scribble's binder at the London Stationery show. I knew of David's site. Leather ring binders. A5 size. Not really my bag, I thought.

We talked, had lunch and even laughed a bit. David has been in the business for longer than me, but he's hardly a veteran. We shared discoveries, frustrations and things that had surprised us. He's one of the good guys.

David curates leather binders and their contents. He carefully sources (or has made) each requisite part, and then assembles them, before packing them off to their new homes.

One can order an 'off-the-shelf' assembly, or an entirely bespoke one. Just recently, David has launched an A6 binder. They are very cute.

Are we competitors? Well, I suppose that we are, in a way. However, there is more that unites us than separates us.

We're both in this business, because we love it. We are both very grateful that people such as yourselves come along and spend your hard-earned cash on our goods.

The William Hannah Leather Notebooks are premium items. Obviously, I run a site that sells notebooks, so I wouldn't need one of his,

...I certainly wouldn't need three. Would I?

They are gorgeous. Irresistible. 

David is a great guy, his product is beautiful and his service outstanding. 

Go on, pop over there and have a browse. If you talk to David, tell him that I found my why.

He'll know what you mean.